Media - Instadia Advertising
Given the clutter of advertising that bombards us constantly - whether on billboards, in the print media, radio, internet, or on television - only a market savvy brand is able to deliver its message to its target audience. Sport as a medium of advertising offers infinite value to a finite number of sponsors and brands. This is because only a certain number of sponsors can participate in one event, and, important matches are repeat-telecast any number of times after the first screening. With TV ad rates skyrocketing during international cricket matches (where the bang for bucks is maximum), clients with limited budgets can get amazing returns on investment through instadia branding. We offer these services across any stadium or series in India or overseas.
Given the 80 or so contiguous perimeter boards in a cricket match the probability of the ball hitting against a board cannot be predicted - nor can its recall on television. Our experience of branding in over 100 international matches in India and abroad allows us to offer our clients the latest information on technology improvements, branding mediums and options, board placements, venues, pricing and post match ROI evaluation. Partnering with us allows our clients transparency in the branding and placement process and our experience shows that clients who make an informed decision are most often satisfied with their ROI.
Instadia branding options in cricket - Tests / One Day Internationals / T20 matches:
On Ground branding
Above ground advertising
Sporting Excellence has a talent pool of all-time greats and reputed international sportspersons. Through syndicated columns in leading dailies, brands can reach the sports fan in an interesting manner - through the views of an expert.